My neighbor popped in this morning and needed to unburden. Her partner is in a job he hates, he is worrying him self skinny. Why? I wonder how many of do this, I my self worry my self fat, why? I can’t do anything about other people, I only control my self. I am at a loss as to why we as a species do this, it must be because we are “high functioning” mammals. makes a lot of sense doesn’t it .If being a “high functioning” mammal is a good thing then we should be happy, shouldn’t we? yet we aren’t.

Why do we complain about winter and then complain when it is summer? Why do we fret about things that are the natural order of things and we have no control? Maybe that is our control, I just get heartburn when I worry about things I can’t do anything about. Like the state of my neighbors partner’s job or the temperature outside . So, I won’t.

My mind is just wandering and doesn’t want to settle. I am supposed to be doing other things and yet here I sit wondering. This is not going to get the kitchen cleaned, nor is it going to make the dirt go away on the floors. I have a hat to make.

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