How many of us are worriers? We worry about things that will happen. We worry that things won’t happen. We worry about things we can’t control. We worry about things we can control. Basically our worries are about tommorow.

I ran across this saying, it was uncited so I can’t give credit. “We worry about tommorrow as if it were promised”. I pondered that and reread it then added a comma after tomorrow. Then it made more sense.

I had to go to Helena for a meeting, so I had a lot of time to contemplate the words.  it is a profound thought. Is tomorrow promised? Or just a desire. Ask anyone that has had close encounter with their own mortality, I think they would say it is only a desire.

At the back of my mind echoed a thought I had heard often in my youth, “tomorrow is gift”

Think of it, a gift to be appreciated, to be enjoyed and have gratitude for. A gift is given without strings attached,  the only expectation is that it will be used to the benefit of the reciever.

All of you enjoy the gift you have been given. Tomorrow is not a promise, quit worrying about it.

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