I don’t talk politics

Right now, talking politics will either drive your friends or family away or endear them to you, till the next election. I put politics in the same arena as sex and religion, they are not to be spoken of in polite company.  The views and beliefs are so very personal that there are no delicate way to disagree with out creating tensions that cut to the very core.  Unless you are a person that has enough self respect and is comfortable enough with your view to allow for disagreement, you get emotionally involved and jump to defend your point very quickly.

I know, I look like I don’t care. Then maybe I care a lot about my position. My position came about by my life experiences and the way I saw them. That is a very personal thing, my experiences, they are mine and cannot be shared. I can try to explain them, but you will never experience them the way I did.

What formed me was my view of the world and the way I interpret it and the influences of my family and surroundings.

Remember that you getting all hot and personally insulted if someone genuflects at the alter or not, does not change their belief.  Either they are someone that you respect and like or they are not.

Case in point;

I was taught to not have a beverage at the table while eating nor did we have bread at every meal. I grew up poor, the beverage would have filled my  small belly making me hungry soon after eating. We didn’t always have enough for that extra meal, bread was for a meal not to  augment a meal. Napkins were unknown when I was a child, I was taught to eat without making a mess of my self. This is the way I was brought up and is ingrained in my psyche. I have people that think I am unrefined and just down right uncouth because I don’t routinely serve bread, provide napkins or have a beverage at my table. I have had guests get highly insulted.

All of this because I am acting the way I was brought up and the way I have lived my life. I do it different, but I am the same person I was before you discovered my “way”.

Either you like me or you don’t, do not dislike me because I don’t agree with you on every topic.









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