Once in a Blue Moon

At 4:45 AM MDT, January 31, 2018 the great dragon of Chinese lore started to breath a smokey fire across the moon.  Beginning an event that has not aligned in just this way since -they tell me- 1866.

I was awoken by a phone call “Are you watching the moon?” was the query. My semi conscious reply “No I’m sleeping”  I chose this night to be tired enough to sleep pretty soundly and I wanted to see this. I watched the total solar eclipse now I wanted to frost my astro-experience cake with the total lunar eclipse. Staggering out with camera, tripod and heavy long lens under one arm the other guiding me along walls across the ice;  I made my way out into the brightly moon lit January night, in a bracing 31deg. F to stand for an hour in my slippers watching the moon slip away behind a shadow of the place on which I am standing.

I got a few halfway decent pictures of the waning moon and got very chilled. I am still chilled and the sun is shining, the fire is going and I am fully dressed.

Sitting this morning trying to warm over a cup of coffee, it hit, the realization of the significance or better yet my place in history of this occurrence.

1866 is when they are saying this happened last, the building I am sitting in was not even a hole in the ground. The building next to me had just started it’s journey of becoming the Park’s Place, a boarding house in a frontier mining town. Then some 30 years later to be bought by my husbands grandfather and turned into the Central Hotel at the turn of the century [the turn of LAST century!]

To think this happened when my 2rd Great-grand father was alive , that is humbling.  My own grandson celebrated his 20th birthday on the eve of this astrological event. That is a more humbling thought. My grandson will be able to say his grandmother got to watch this spectacle, if the opportunity affords it’s self.

Here are the images




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