I am going to quit adulting

On my trip back home from being a Grandma, I made a decision. I don’t want to be an adult any more. I am tired of being grown up. I want to have someone else clean my house, wash my cloths and cook my dinner while I go play. My mother did most of this until I was big enough to do my own. I washed dishes and was responsible for my own stuff in the room I shared with my sister.  My sister was  six years younger and we weren’t concerned with neat and clean. So there was no real problem there.

I will still be Grandma, that is something that I enjoy and I am not responsible for the out come. I just need to be the one that can drive and interpret. I do not need to worry about as many things, I just need to be generally logical and have the best in mind for us.

I want to get a tent and go on “walk about”.  My man friend worries that a bear will try to join me. If it is cold, I could use the bear’s warmth. I love and totally respect the slithering critters of the world so they aren’t a problem for me. Like I told him, I am not afraid of the boggy man. Walk about is about all I can afford, using anything but Shanks Mare is prohibitively expensive.

Maybe it will be my birthday present for my 70th birthday in a few years, by then I will have been able to collect what I need and build some stamina. Maybe .

The greenhouse is up and now has some of the things that I took out of my last greenhouse in it. I’m ready to start dreaming about little leaves popping up through the soil. Now starts the joy.




How short is life, living takes real courage

It’s not a question, just an observation. Every day I am reminded of our tenuous hold on to the life we have, and it could be over in an instant. I guess I am a fatalist, I know my next seconds might be my last and yet I am not overly concerened about it. I do think of it occasionally, but there is nothing I can do about my pending death. I might as well live while I am able. One thing that can be said about people that have faced death is that as a whole they dont worry about their own demise, they worry about the ones they will leave. They have learned death is not the hard part, it is the living that is hard. The daily grind takes a courage that most of us have but do not recognize.

The ones that survive have a different perspective on what is important. Granted it is different for everyone,  but the common theme is that dreams and relationships trump most every thing else.

If you were gone tomorrow what would be your greatest regret?