I’m a genius!!!! And I thought I was totally balmy.

Like I said, I am always composing [talking to myself], I just have to start writing it down. Today, a cousin posted a link on FB and I read the article.

I discovered this author believes  talking to ones self means you are a genius. I could call my self a lot of things, genius is not ever on the list except in a disparaging tone [ex. Well, THAT was a genius move].  Stick around long enough and you learn a lot of things, this is one of those things. Here is the link to the article, draw  your own conclusions.



A w0rk in progress

My last post about quitting the adult world is in progress. I haven’t made much progress, just baby steps. I bought a tent that fits in the bed of my truck, so the bears have to work harder to get me [I still think it’d be a great story for the grandkids]. I haven’t unpacked it yet. I am waiting for the fairy godmother to provide assistance in getting all the grass trimmed and the drive belt for the lawn tractor to arrive and be installed. I will be here a   long while even though I am working diligently daily.

I have discovered that I am a terrible blogger. I write stories all day long while I am working [actually I talk to my self], but don’t get them in print, then, I forget what I was saying.

I have thrown down the gauntlet to my subconscious self, quit procrastinating!! So the challenge is once a week. Lets attempt to make it.