I don’t talk politics

Right now, talking politics will either drive your friends or family away or endear them to you, till the next election. I put politics in the same arena as sex and religion, they are not to be spoken of in polite company.  The views and beliefs are so very personal that there are no delicate way to disagree with out creating tensions that cut to the very core.  Unless you are a person that has enough self respect and is comfortable enough with your view to allow for disagreement, you get emotionally involved and jump to defend your point very quickly.

I know, I look like I don’t care. Then maybe I care a lot about my position. My position came about by my life experiences and the way I saw them. That is a very personal thing, my experiences, they are mine and cannot be shared. I can try to explain them, but you will never experience them the way I did.

What formed me was my view of the world and the way I interpret it and the influences of my family and surroundings.

Remember that you getting all hot and personally insulted if someone genuflects at the alter or not, does not change their belief.  Either they are someone that you respect and like or they are not.

Case in point;

I was taught to not have a beverage at the table while eating nor did we have bread at every meal. I grew up poor, the beverage would have filled my  small belly making me hungry soon after eating. We didn’t always have enough for that extra meal, bread was for a meal not to  augment a meal. Napkins were unknown when I was a child, I was taught to eat without making a mess of my self. This is the way I was brought up and is ingrained in my psyche. I have people that think I am unrefined and just down right uncouth because I don’t routinely serve bread, provide napkins or have a beverage at my table. I have had guests get highly insulted.

All of this because I am acting the way I was brought up and the way I have lived my life. I do it different, but I am the same person I was before you discovered my “way”.

Either you like me or you don’t, do not dislike me because I don’t agree with you on every topic.








A w0rk in progress

My last post about quitting the adult world is in progress. I haven’t made much progress, just baby steps. I bought a tent that fits in the bed of my truck, so the bears have to work harder to get me [I still think it’d be a great story for the grandkids]. I haven’t unpacked it yet. I am waiting for the fairy godmother to provide assistance in getting all the grass trimmed and the drive belt for the lawn tractor to arrive and be installed. I will be here a   long while even though I am working diligently daily.

I have discovered that I am a terrible blogger. I write stories all day long while I am working [actually I talk to my self], but don’t get them in print, then, I forget what I was saying.

I have thrown down the gauntlet to my subconscious self, quit procrastinating!! So the challenge is once a week. Lets attempt to make it.

And there it goes again

It was sunny yesterday, just a little chill in the breeze [after all is is March]. Montana is reminding everyone it is cold here. Then again March is a schizophrenic month no matter where where you live. It rained two days ago and now it is snowing. This coming week it is going to be in the 60’s again. Talk about whiplash. Make up your mind.

I worked outside all day trying to pull off a job made for two by myself. I enjoyed being outside but the frustration of not being four handed made for a bittersweet experience. I did make it though, just a little worn for the mental exercise keeping my self from throwing things and generally making a fool of myself.

Yesterday just reminded me how much I miss my partner and best friend.

Now that is enough self indulgence.

The green house is on hold, for a week. I have to leave in the morning to keep an appointment with my grandchildren and it is snowing. It is early yet I know but, I am dying to get my finger nails dirty in the dirt. I haven’t had a green house for 20 years and it has been killing me, I just can’t wait for the  seeds to start popping through the dirt. It is a spiritual experience, like seeing something born. It just reinforces that life is worth living for these little miracles.

I have two pet peeves and they have been fed abundantly this week. One is intolerance. I  had a conversation that revolved around the minorities “deserving” to be trod upon, because they are not white and the “don’t think” like whites do. It takes all that I am to not just walk away and disavow any knowledge of that person. The other is bigotry.  I have had conversations that are based on “if they would only do the way I would it would work” irregardless of their culture, training or life experiences.  One of those conversations included “well they deserved it” because they chose to live like they wanted to and not like is acceptable in my circle. I am not sure that any one “deserves” something horrible to happen to them no matter  what they do.

I have to remember that every one has the right to their opinion no matter how wrong they are. I just try to not get too snappish when they start espousing their ignorance.

Now I have to get my mind headed in the positive direction and get ready to be a grandma.

It has form

I was watching the news and was informed that there are leaders in our community that will leave if Trump is the next president. I wonder, how many will vote for Trump just to see them go?

The foundation is in, I will have a green house sooner than later. I did have help, which I appreciate.

I did have to assert that it is my project and it will be done my way. Men!!!

Now he’s gone. I have chased him off with my assertiveness. I will be done my way though. Now to start putting it up, if the wind will not blow for a few days. The chances of that happening? This is Montana, where the wind blows a lot.

It was snowing in the hills, yup, it is still winter here. I have to get this done if I want to grow anything in it this year. So with winter gloves, coat and hat I am off. They will be in a pile pretty soon though, handy to put back on and run to the house as the next snow squall comes through.

It’s springish

This morning the sun rose in a promising  glow of warmth. Frost on the windshields told another story. They say 60 by Friday.

It’s too early, but, I don’t see the “big picture” as they say. There are things that need the warm winter to survive, like the pine beetle that is killing our forests. What do I know anyway.

With the floor finished, I still have to move things back in and that is not going to happen until the person that took the base to the stove brings it back. So, I am waiting for someone else to do something that they promised, I am waiting……….


It is Cold!!

See. Although it isn’t -10 it is cold. The temps dropped into the high 20’s last night. Montana is reasserting that it’s reputation is true.

My floor is done, Finally. I finished it the other night after having to run for just a pinch more adhesive. Then yesterday I spent the day in town with my daughter getting things done for her. Oh yes there are people that will do it in town, and she has one. This person is willing to do things for her, but he has several other clients and Charlene only gets a few hours a week of his services. He is not a good reporter of things that I need to know, so I am not willing to allow him to all of what she needs. I tried for a while and was not informed of her diagnosis of congestive heart failure or the limits of her vision after a vision test. I guess I’m a mom of a handicapped child and think I kneed to know that stuff.

With all the “free” government health care now being handed out the services to those who are currently on it have had their services been reduced by 40%. Charlene is now on full time oxygen, she doesn’t drive, someone who does has to pick her up to do the necessary running around. I don’t live in town, I live on the end of the road to nowhere and it is an hour drive into town for me. Anyway, the service that delivered the oxygen tanks to her will now only deliver 15 tanks once every three months. When I asked about the policy change, they told me that the payment was reduced by the insurance which forced them to change their deliveries.

Granted, the vast majority of oxygen users are elderly and don’t get out much. This forces them to if they don’t drive  (a lot don’t any more) to stay in dependent on the plugin oxygen generator or become dependent on someone else to do the running. I know if I was there it would be a horrible thing. But, Charlene is not a senior sitting at home, She has a job, [such as it is, in a sheltered workshop (her last check was 66 cents)] and needs the oxygen. Oh well, now on to a portable oxygen generator.

Now, on to my greenhouse project if the wind will quit blowing.


It’s Sunday

It’s Sunday, The sun is shining. From my window it is inviting me to come outside. When I let Trix the Dachshund  and Girly the Terrier cross out the frost glistened in that inviting sun. Brrrr.

The wind blew all day yesterday [ no their are no roofless houses and the cars are not rolled up like pill bugs] it blew in this cold to reassert winter. Despite what the weather forecast says I believe it will be 10 below before long.

The National Weather Service came out and said that it is going to be warmer in the north plains. I wonder, who told them. I could have told them and I don’t get paid the big bucks, I don’t get  paid at all.

I ran out of adhesive for my tile job, now I have to go to town. As per normal the adhesive ran out in the last corner, so I have only 6 tiles and the fill to finish. I did get bread made and put peppers in the dehydrator. They were on the mark down table and I am a fool for a bargain.