Taming Alaska

Well, I am here in Anchorage, Alaska, On the fringes of connectivity.

I do like Anchorage, it is an eclectic sort of place.

It is hard to explore this unusual town on foot. I am far enough out on the fringes that getting to anything takes a long hike.   This wild place on the outskirts of town hasn’t been totally tamed, tall trees and shrubs grow profusely in a dense wall of green all around. I take off and walk down the highway to enjoy the coastal nature of where I am.  I need to get the little car out.

Arnie bought a plot of land next to his daughters property, It is overgrown with watermelon berries, tall trees, dead-fall and weeds.  It is on the peak of this hill that her house is built on.  We left home in dry, dry conditions to arrive here in a downpour that just let up. The ground is saturated, A drain ditch was dug the first few days after we got here and now it is just wait for the ground to dry up. Or, see where the next ditch needs to be dug. A bee’s nest was disturbed in the digging. the next morning bear tracks were visible in the mud, where the bear was looking to see what the commotion was. Bears have been seen in the surrounding areas, and this is the ideal place for them to seek refuge. Moose also lurk in the trees surrounding the property, a cow and calf have been here off and on this year. In the underbrush you can see where they have settled for the night. Anchorage is a Moose town, for better or worse, they are here.

The plan is to put a pad for the motor home and boat. It will take a year for the water to run out of the peat enough to allow a load of gravel to be delivered.

But, today? Maybe the state fair with the crew, maybe a quiet day in the loft. Who knows……….

If I were hung with a new rope……………………

Well, I’m in Alaska again and it is raining, again. Funny how, when there is no rain, it is craved for and when there is it is despised. [at least on my part] I can’t go out in the down pour I will get cold and be miserable. Oh well,…….. if I were hung with a new rope………

The 150% humidity leaves me breathless and not wanting to run around much. It is sure green though and much easier on the eyes than the brittle hues of orange and gold we left in Montana. I haven’t been idle since I’ve been here, internet here is slow and iffy, making the downloads of much-needed programs and updates a challenge. I didn’t need to download anything when I left Montana – or so i thought. The program that I updated and installed on my new computer did not install completely – hence, the download. What have I to complain about? I am in a beautiful place and have a new computer ….. if I were hung with a new rope……..

The cat is glad to see us and is hanging around a lot. The horse a.k.a. dog is excited to see a new face too. His one focus is to fetch and will till the ball is lost or worn out. Children are more or less glad to see us, It’s only been a few weeks since they were in Montana so their lack  excitement is understood.  They do recognize.  us though and didn’t run and hide. That is always a plus.

I made supper last night of beef/cheese enchiladas, black beans and corn. That is always a hit, I don’t do seasoning out of a store-bought jar or foil pack, I use things that are more authentic. And, contrary to local  thoughts, HOT is not the goal, it is flavor.

Tonight I made potato soup. A very easy and inexpensive meal made of few ingredients.

The silvers have run, the peak was a week or so ago. We might be able to catch one, then I would have to cook it.

The watermelon berries and blue berries are on, Then I would have to make jelly. …….if I were hung with a new rope……..

The rain is enforcing a rest that is much-needed and yet …………… if I were hung with a new rope……..

M.S. won this battle, I am fighting back.

The heat and MS conspired to attack and they won.

Despite trying to stay cool and not let the 100 plus temperatures get the best of me, this year they got me. I had to start a Prednisone  regime,  I’m not happy. Prednisone is harsh to say the least.

We are embarking on the annual Alaska trek, my immune system is suppressed, there are two young children at the destination. Every year that we have gone the kid bugs get me. I must be on my guard even more this year.

is there a decent antiviral out there? I’m not sure. I guess I will be visiting with the pharmacist.

While I was gone, the data was used up on the satellite access which cut down the connectivity, I was left with little resources. I haven’t been able to upload to or even access my blog. This too will pass, the day we leave for Alaska the account will reset to zero. Then I can use the internet again…….. when we get back. Right now I am at my hide-a-way, no one can get access to this connection. My hide-a-way is used to save everyone from my MS/prednisone induced manias. It is quiet here and the everyday push/pull of stresses is diminished.

The connectivity in Alaska is limited so I will be sporadic again, I have to go down to the local pub for a decent connection [too bad for me].

See ya in Alaska.