I’m a genius!!!! And I thought I was totally balmy.

Like I said, I am always composing [talking to myself], I just have to start writing it down. Today, a cousin posted a link on FB and I read the article.

I discovered this author believes  talking to ones self means you are a genius. I could call my self a lot of things, genius is not ever on the list except in a disparaging tone [ex. Well, THAT was a genius move].  Stick around long enough and you learn a lot of things, this is one of those things. Here is the link to the article, draw  your own conclusions.



Blogging is hard work

Well, at least for someone that loses track of what day it is. It’s a lot like work. Blogging takes commitment. Maybe that is what it will take, to be comitted. it was just  yesterday that I was struggling to put my thoughts down in a logical format……that is what it feels like. It is much longer ago than just yesterday.  lets see what tomorrow brings. Till tomorrow….

It is all Dale’s fault.


Public Speaking University (cover shot)

Public Speaking University (cover shot) (Photo credit: justinplambert)

I haven’t gotten far on my book “Quiet”. I have been busy doing busy stuff. I take my e-reader with me in the truck so when I have to wait in the truck I will have something to do.


The other day at the tractor dealership I had a bit of time while the intricacies of hydraulic lines and fittings were discussed to sit in the truck.


I have gathered so far, these facts, according to the author.


When we lived in the time of little time to contemplate the greater universe we weren’t so concerned about “outgoing” or “introvert”. Man just had too little time for such foolishness.  Work was the order of the day and it was a measure of what would make a good husband or wife or employee. Character was the measure that we were all judged by. Honesty, hard work, loyalty and all things that are part of the steadfastness of a man’s or woman’s being. Not how friendly or handsome or if they could talk to a room of neighbors or even strangers. Our society was interested in piety and character.


Then came a shy farm boy named Dale.


We all, or most, have heard of Dale Carnegie. The author suggests that being an introvert began at the time that public speaking became a desired asset among the masses.


I remember when I had to take public speaking in high school. That was when I discovered that I was a tru-blu introvert. Who can forget the first time, being in front of a group of our peers. The tongue numbing heart palpitations. The narrowing of the field of vision to a pinprick. The almost instant amnesia of things uttered a thousand times in front of Mom. The lack of any oxygen or the floor becoming soft and sucking you down to the lower levels of some public speaking hell.


No, I didn’t do well in public speaking. We will allow Dale to accept the blame for my social ineptitude.

This is going to be an interesting read, I knew it couldn’t be all my fault