Home again

I am back in home soil, literally.  It has taken a week to get all the brain cells aligned in a somewhat organized fashion. Last night was the first that I was able to stay up even close to a normal time. Then, my constant companion [restless leg syndrome] nudged me out of bed. I finally convinced it to leave me alone in the wee hours of the morning. Then the sun came up ……. drat!! When the sun is up, so am I. After breakfast a quick trip to look at grass and heifers, I was starved. Why, am I starved? Oh well. Pay bills, work on the “attack” lilac and try to get it out of the walk way. Maybe it won’t grab at hats, pull hair or poke at eyes this year. A big black bull stood watching and growling at me and the sick ward bulls. He is just spoiling for a fight. I threw lilac branches at him, he ignored me. Cook supper, watch the thought vacuüm for a while and repeat the process. I am home. Norway, a memory,  I have to organize my thoughts about it.  I  want to go back and spend the summer. Maybe one day, soon I hope. Tomorrow go on to the burg and try to organize my thoughts again. I guess I have to get in the swing of things. All good things come to an end?

It Rained

Well, it rained………..

There has been little or no substantial for two years here in our little corner of Montana. It is dry and a topic of conversation at each encounter.

Farmer/Rancher conversations go like this

Farmer John: It’s dry

Rancher Clint: Yup

Farmer John: Well

Rancher Clint: Rained in South Dakota

Farmer John: Yup

Rancher Clint: Sure’s dry

Farmer John: Yup

Rancher Clint: creeks dry

Farmer John: Yup ………..

Rancher Clint will go home and recount this conversation by saying “I spoke to Farmer John and he told me that nothing is going to grow if it doesn’t rain soon. South Dakota is getting it all”

Farmer John will recount the same conversation by saying “I spoke to Rancher Clint and he told me that he can’t move the cows to summer pasture if it doesn’t rain soon. South Dakota is getting it all”

What, The rain dancers weren’t serious enough?  The prayers weren’t sent high enough?

Guess beggars can’t be choosers. It did get cooler, at least the wind stopped. The river is still low, the ground is still dry, the fire danger is still high and we need more rain the soil is still powder dry a 1/4 inch down. “It rained a whole 1/10 of an inch and a 1/2  on the rain gauge” was the reported findings soon after first light   [I didn’t try to figure it out] .

I drove an octogenarian to town yesterday to accomplish two things. One) get the hearing aids fixed. Two) get a pre-need burial plan established so “those kids can’t burn me”.

It rained on the way to town and it rained on the way back from town, it didn’t rain much at home.

These conversations between ranchers and farmers are comical sometimes  and the information they exchange through Yup’s and Well’s is extraordinary. The comments of the elders are hilarious most of the time, they don’t flow through social filters anymore.

I am taking lessons from these special breeds of people. I have to work on my small talk and reduce it to Yup’s and Well’s.  I am going to take full advantage of being 80 plus, if I am so lucky. They have earned the right to speak their mind, and they do.