And there it goes again

It was sunny yesterday, just a little chill in the breeze [after all is is March]. Montana is reminding everyone it is cold here. Then again March is a schizophrenic month no matter where where you live. It rained two days ago and now it is snowing. This coming week it is going to be in the 60’s again. Talk about whiplash. Make up your mind.

I worked outside all day trying to pull off a job made for two by myself. I enjoyed being outside but the frustration of not being four handed made for a bittersweet experience. I did make it though, just a little worn for the mental exercise keeping my self from throwing things and generally making a fool of myself.

Yesterday just reminded me how much I miss my partner and best friend.

Now that is enough self indulgence.

The green house is on hold, for a week. I have to leave in the morning to keep an appointment with my grandchildren and it is snowing. It is early yet I know but, I am dying to get my finger nails dirty in the dirt. I haven’t had a green house for 20 years and it has been killing me, I just can’t wait for the  seeds to start popping through the dirt. It is a spiritual experience, like seeing something born. It just reinforces that life is worth living for these little miracles.

I have two pet peeves and they have been fed abundantly this week. One is intolerance. I  had a conversation that revolved around the minorities “deserving” to be trod upon, because they are not white and the “don’t think” like whites do. It takes all that I am to not just walk away and disavow any knowledge of that person. The other is bigotry.  I have had conversations that are based on “if they would only do the way I would it would work” irregardless of their culture, training or life experiences.  One of those conversations included “well they deserved it” because they chose to live like they wanted to and not like is acceptable in my circle. I am not sure that any one “deserves” something horrible to happen to them no matter  what they do.

I have to remember that every one has the right to their opinion no matter how wrong they are. I just try to not get too snappish when they start espousing their ignorance.

Now I have to get my mind headed in the positive direction and get ready to be a grandma.

Taming Alaska

Well, I am here in Anchorage, Alaska, On the fringes of connectivity.

I do like Anchorage, it is an eclectic sort of place.

It is hard to explore this unusual town on foot. I am far enough out on the fringes that getting to anything takes a long hike.   This wild place on the outskirts of town hasn’t been totally tamed, tall trees and shrubs grow profusely in a dense wall of green all around. I take off and walk down the highway to enjoy the coastal nature of where I am.  I need to get the little car out.

Arnie bought a plot of land next to his daughters property, It is overgrown with watermelon berries, tall trees, dead-fall and weeds.  It is on the peak of this hill that her house is built on.  We left home in dry, dry conditions to arrive here in a downpour that just let up. The ground is saturated, A drain ditch was dug the first few days after we got here and now it is just wait for the ground to dry up. Or, see where the next ditch needs to be dug. A bee’s nest was disturbed in the digging. the next morning bear tracks were visible in the mud, where the bear was looking to see what the commotion was. Bears have been seen in the surrounding areas, and this is the ideal place for them to seek refuge. Moose also lurk in the trees surrounding the property, a cow and calf have been here off and on this year. In the underbrush you can see where they have settled for the night. Anchorage is a Moose town, for better or worse, they are here.

The plan is to put a pad for the motor home and boat. It will take a year for the water to run out of the peat enough to allow a load of gravel to be delivered.

But, today? Maybe the state fair with the crew, maybe a quiet day in the loft. Who knows……….

If I were hung with a new rope……………………

Well, I’m in Alaska again and it is raining, again. Funny how, when there is no rain, it is craved for and when there is it is despised. [at least on my part] I can’t go out in the down pour I will get cold and be miserable. Oh well,…….. if I were hung with a new rope………

The 150% humidity leaves me breathless and not wanting to run around much. It is sure green though and much easier on the eyes than the brittle hues of orange and gold we left in Montana. I haven’t been idle since I’ve been here, internet here is slow and iffy, making the downloads of much-needed programs and updates a challenge. I didn’t need to download anything when I left Montana – or so i thought. The program that I updated and installed on my new computer did not install completely – hence, the download. What have I to complain about? I am in a beautiful place and have a new computer ….. if I were hung with a new rope……..

The cat is glad to see us and is hanging around a lot. The horse a.k.a. dog is excited to see a new face too. His one focus is to fetch and will till the ball is lost or worn out. Children are more or less glad to see us, It’s only been a few weeks since they were in Montana so their lack  excitement is understood.  They do recognize.  us though and didn’t run and hide. That is always a plus.

I made supper last night of beef/cheese enchiladas, black beans and corn. That is always a hit, I don’t do seasoning out of a store-bought jar or foil pack, I use things that are more authentic. And, contrary to local  thoughts, HOT is not the goal, it is flavor.

Tonight I made potato soup. A very easy and inexpensive meal made of few ingredients.

The silvers have run, the peak was a week or so ago. We might be able to catch one, then I would have to cook it.

The watermelon berries and blue berries are on, Then I would have to make jelly. …….if I were hung with a new rope……..

The rain is enforcing a rest that is much-needed and yet …………… if I were hung with a new rope……..

Small detour

If you were waiting for me Salt Lake, I didn’t make it. I have been cooped up for so long, I just HAD to go for a walk. So I did. Like all walks I take, they take me to places unintended. Actually this was a little intended I have been wanting to do this one again  for 25 years. Could I do it? I didn’t know. It took me twice as long as it did back then, but I did it. I will pay for it, but just the ability to do it was exhilarating. A stop in Nephi, Utah for the night, I am still buzzed this morning. Now I have to get on the road, I have some pictures that I will share when I can get them transferred. Thoughts on Hiking tomorrow.

On the road, again

It has been since the 23rd if June that I have been gone.  By the time I trudge back into my own kitchen I will have been gone 18 days. I usually take this time to, take pictures, shop,  and see what I haven’t seen before. This trip I spent locked in an air-conditioned room hiding from the heat. It has not been particularly restful. I have edited pictures, finished a photo book I had started, chronicling a life time of Arnie. He is always wondering where the time all went, he turned 70 this year.  He and his wife raised 4 girls, two grandchildren and  started a ranch that is going strong and yet he wonders where the time went.

He lost his wife about the same time I lost my husband now we are just trying to make the time remaining mean something, together.

I have spent an inordinate amount of time with the television providing background noise. I feel like I have lost a few points off my IQ. I am too old to lose too much, the grey matter is not as flexible as it used to be.

Today, I am traveling and hope to get out of the 115 degree temperatures. My MS just absorbs the heat and gives me the blurry vision, fatigue and various and sundry muscle twitches. I need to get back in cool country.

I will pick up my 15 year old grandson take him back home with me. While he is there he wants to do some fishing [it should be good by then] and I am going to have him help move some heavy things.

See ya in Salt Lake City

MS – one


Whirl-fire (Photo credit: Loving Earth)

















Me, zero.


If fatigue could be an Olympic sport I should have a platinum medal.


Summer is a time when things that I enjoy will cause crushing fatigue, I had to acknowledge that earlier this week and rest for a few day in my air-conditioned room.


I am off on my annual trek to see my children and grandchildren in Utah and to visit a long time friend further south.


My husband and I were caught up in the promise of endless, affordable vacations at a time when we were both working and could afford to take vacations. We purchased a time share, my husband not to limit himself to just one convinced me that a second would be better. We bought in very good areas with the promise and the hope that we could trade into other places as our needs changed. Now I, have been disabled by M.S., widowed and entered into the arena of an income that just meets my needs with few extras. My needs have changed, I need more income which I haven’t been able to generate, the time share’s needs continually increase.


The “good” locations are now enjoying record-breaking heat, 5++ degrees. I will be in Southern Utah with 110+ degrees. Right now I am at 7000 ft above sea level in Park City.


In the summertime many valley residents of the Wasatch Front visit the town to escape high temperatures. Park City is usually 20 °F (11 °C) cooler than Salt Lake City

This is according to Wikipedia. Today the forecast for Park City is in the 90’s. Imagine what the temperature will be in the valley.  Heat and MS don’t mix well.

I guess it doesn’t mix well with airplane either.

In June 1990, when Phoenix hit 122 degrees, several airlines, including America West, which later merged with US Airways, were forced to cease flights for several hours because the planes didn’t have the data needed to know how they would fly in temperatures above 120 degrees. []

I guess the MS brain is kind of like an airplane, it doesn’t have the data to know how to operate in higher temperatures.


I will have to spend my time inside knitting, blogging and watching mindless TV until this evening when my grandson and his family are going to come and enjoy the pool and hot tub while I visit with him and his wife and enjoy the children.  I might work on some more creative things, like taking a nap. I have a five-hour trip further south tomorrow [into more and higher heat].



time away

I’m on my annual trek to Southern Utah. This year I chose to stay midway, in Park City. Due to MS my vision is being difficult, I have to be more aware of fatigue and rest more.This bout of fatigues is due to a 24 hour stint of sleeplessness. It gets harder and harder to catch up.

Park City is an interesting place. Set in the top of the Wasatch mountains above Salt Lake City, hardly conducive to rest, more inclined to long walks that lighten the pocketbook and delicious meals.

Park City used to be a sleepy and quirky mining town occupied by colorful characters,  now, it is a busy, expensive and quirky destination with colorful characters. The site of the 2002 winter Olympics, and a popular destination for skiers and back country hikers alike. Celebrity citing is a popular activity-many famous people live in this area.  Park City is a four season town. I used to come up here to escape the debilitating inversions that turned Salt Lake City into a deep freeze with the door shut [no light on]. It is still a cool place to go both temperature wise and visually.The buildings that have been “restored” are colorful and filled with all manner of expensive thing that we can have a full and rewarding life with out.  The restoration has brought them into the modern view of what “old” looks like. There are a lot of things to do here from music concerts to hiking in some of the most beautiful scenery in North America.

My grandson and his family are living here and I get to meet his newest addition tonight. My week is full, I have premie twin nephews to meet and a farewell to attend.  It is canny how I can be made so busy on a minutes notice of my arrival. Tired will just have to wait for a while.