Here it is the middle of February and it is 50 degrees out there. In Montana it is to warm, the trees are showing signs of sap running. It is too early.The Weather Service issued a wind warning of winds possible to 80 mph, that is March weather. So the wind has blown for several days and now it is supposed to rain. Welcome to Montana in March, wait, it’s only February.

Montana has a habit of showing it’s warmer self and then suddenly it remembers that it is Montana and Montana is COLD, so it gets -10 overnight. To say we have schizophrenic weather is an understatement, frozen flower buds will attest to that.

I am truly tired of cloudy skies and would like to see the sun for more than one day at a time. Then, I am a sufferer of SAD. The lack of sun throws me into the blues and prolonged lack of sun throws me head first into the murky waters of depression where it is next to impossible to find the way to the surface.

Today is not a good day for me, I am trying to deal with my handicapped daughters financial affairs and the state intrusion into her finances. I understand the need to be financially reimbursed for their services but when she is unable to pay what they want for reimbursement, and then they increase that amount.  Needless to say the lack of sun is the least of my problems today.

Oh well. I guess I will go lay tile for a little while and see if the State worker will really call me back.


I asked for it!


Snowy (Photo credit: Phil Of Photos)

Yesterday I was complaining about the dust and wind.

Today it is snowing and windy.

My mother used to say that some one “wouldn’t be happy if they were hung with a new rope”. I wonder if this is what she was talking about. It’s cold and windy, there is not a speck of dust in sight.

Wind and dust has been a topic of conversation for months. I don’t complain. What would it change? Why add my voice to the chorus? It’s going to what it’s going to do. Yesterday I had had enough! I thought I would complain LOUDLY and Publicly.¬† See what happened?

That’s a scary thought.

I’m just going to to go stand at the window and complain some more.


Dust Devil -or- Dirt Tornado....It's Comming!!!

Dust Devil -or- Dirt Tornado….It’s Comming!!! (Photo credit: live w mcs)





















I am just sitting here listening to the wind blow. It is blowing because it is spring and because it is south central Montana. That is just what it does here. We have not had any beneficial precipitation¬† in this county since ……………… I can’t remember. Some time in early 2012 if my memory serves me.




I just know, I am dusty. My car is dusty inside and out the house is dusty, there is a fine layer of dust laying all over everything. We not able to get enough moisture to feel like the dust will be settled.




NOW THE WIND. While it is blowing the dust all over it is also evaporating what little moisture was there. The wind blows in circles and deposits dust in every nook and cranny.




It is spring, the farmers are starting to farm. Their tractors stir the dust in huge plumes that follow them around the field, or lead them around the field. Depending on the direction the wind chooses to blow.




My family was among the refugees from Oklahoma during the Dust Bowel in the 1930’s. I remember reading about the devastation of the drought, this dust brings that to mind. I was not part of that, but my grandparents were and my father was 5 when they headed out for California with only the clothes on their back and a car piled high with what possessions that didn’t have to be sold and would fit. My recollections are that this time was quietly spoken of, if at all. I came away from childhood with an understanding that having enough food was a privilege. The only thing I have clear memories of the talk of the migration was the fear that was left in my father of starving. That was a huge impact on me, I felt his fear and it imprinted something profound on my brain. Food was never used as a weapon or threat against us and it still makes me crazy when I hear it being used as such. My own children didn’t have to fear going hungry. Their father had a stable job and enough money to provide enough food. Still, I couldn’t threaten them with going without for any kind of offense except wasting food.




It’s funny, in this country of plenty, we have lost the ability to appreciate the lack of things. Oh, we worry about not having a better car, a bigger house or the special new computer program that promises to repair something that isn’t really broken.




There are the ones that are among the ones that our government classifies as poverty stricken. Where they, by misfortune or mistake, have found themselves on the lowest end of the income bracket. There are safety nets in place for this group. They have the option of reaching out for the help they need. Then there are the ones that have “chosen” this lifestyle, due to addiction or mental illness they stay out of the mainstream and out of public programs. Unfortunately there are children that are drug through this and when they are identified they are helped as best we can.




There are people who truly do not “have”.




Who do you know that truly does not have a place to store their things and sleep at night. Who do you know that hasn’t had a meal of anything but flies because their three remaining children had to have the last piece of bread? How many people on your block froze last winter or starved. This is poverty, I have not met anyone like this, they do not live on my block. If they did, I have enough to share. I have an abundance even though I have little money.




This winter when there is 2 feet of snow, there will be no one in my little town that will freeze because of lack of resources. There is an energy share program available, there are shelters, there are families and there are neighbors.There is the Food Stamp program so that no one will go without.  All of this makes us a rich nation.




All of this, because the wind blows. I am stuck inside dusting and thinking. ……………